Yubi Power Dummy Camera Kit

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  • Features: flashing red light alerts intruders of the security camera's presenceā€¢ Super deterrent against break-ins, theft or vandalism.
  • Easy to install with necessary mounting hardware
  • Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Realistic appearance, looks just like a real security surveillance camera
  • Bundle Includes: 4 Dummy Cameras + 2 Yubi Power YB-250 dummy surveillance cameras

Product Details

Product Description

Yubi Power

Here's a great way to keep intruders away from your home or business!

Our Yubi Power Theft Prevention Kit comes with 4 dummy surveillance cameras and 2 dummy dome cameras for a look of heavy security. With a truly realistic looking camera and active looking domes you are sure to fool any would be criminal. Why would a prowler take a chance with a seemingly protected property? It's easier to move on. It's just not worth the risk! Now that's a great deterrent against break-ins and theft! So for a great sense of security at a fraction of the cost of a real surveillance systems opt for our fake but realistic looking dummy cameras in this complete theft prevention kit.

Yubi Power's high quality simulated security surveillance cameras are a proven crime prevention and deterrent device.


Realistic appearance, looks just like a real security surveillance camera.

Perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. (Solar will not charge rechargeable batteries indoors)

Flashing red light alerts and deters intruders.

Uses two regular or rechargeable AA batteries.

Easy and simple to install and use.

Effective and inexpensive way to deter criminals.

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