VideoSecu 4 Dummy Imitation Security Cameras with Flashing Light LED Cost-effective Surveillance CCTV Simulated Dome Camera WE5

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  • Dummy Fake dome surveillance camera with flashing light LED
  • Increase your security at a fraction of the cost of real cameras
  • Mix dummy & real cameras to increase your security value, Authentic styling - nobody will know the difference
  • The inexpensive solution for security/theft problems with high professional imitation
  • Power require 2 AA batteries ( not included)

Product Details

Product Description

This dummy camera is VideoSecu brand.This phony dome camera provides an effective and economical way to decrease and eliminate criminal activities, e.g. theft, robbery, break-ins, shoplifting by intimidating the criminals, giving them the illusion that they are being watched and recorded. When placed in your home or business, even the most sophisticated criminals will think the premises are guarded by high-tech surveillance. The dummy camera which is designed for quick and simple installation gives a feeling of security without the high cost of installing and maintaining a real system. The flashing light LED makes this dummy camera looks like an operating actual security camera. Additionally, it is an excellent deterrent for thieves, easily mounted anywhere on the ceiling or wall under entrances hallways indoors or outdoors. Package including: 4 dummy cameras, 4 of 3x2" Security Warning Signs.

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