BNC Coaxial CCTV Video Balun Amplifier for CCTV Camera

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  • Amplify Your Video Signal From Your Security Camera or Other Source.
  • 1 Video Input and 1 Video Output
  • Input voltage: DC 12V,Input / output load: 75ohm
  • Input connector: 1 BNC,Output connector: 1 BNC
  • Frequency response: adjustable

Product Details

Product Description

CCTV Video Balun Amplifier is a video distribution amplifier, and can amplify video signal in a balanced manner, CCTV Camera Video Balun is used in remote video signal transmission system to raise and balance signal loss and freqency disortion, and compatible with color video.

Installation:Connect 12V DC to it;

Connect input video to "Video in" BNC;

Connect output video to "Video out" BNC;

After the above operations are completed, you can adjust gain up to output video voltage is 1Vp-p, then adjust HFGAI.;

You can repeat these operations up to the satisfied result.

Specification:,Bandwidth: (-3db): 10Hz to 7.5MHz,Gain: adjustable and max up to 6dB,Max output video voltage: 2.5 Vp-p,Size: 9.4 x 6.2 x 2.3cm

Package content:1 x BNC Coaxial Video Balun, 1 x English Manual.

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