Laptop review summer 2014

There is a massive competition today in the field of gadget industry. One of the hottest gadgets in the market today is computers and laptops. The technology improves the designs of laptop for the convenience of the users. Some created a notebook and net book which is a smaller version of the laptop. This is net books and notebook is easy to carry anywhere and has a lighter weight than the typical laptop. However, the market depends upon the most saleable kind of laptop though they keep on producing those that has different features and style.

The people today used laptop for different activities depending on their work, job, habits, task and more. There are laptops that are designed intended for office and presentation activities where the most applications used are the Microsoft Offices. There are also kinds of laptops that have a good graphics which is also good for gaming and video activities. Some people used laptops for the online jobs such as data entries. That is why, since there are different activities where the laptop is being so useful, the technology enhances its future accordingly to the specification of the user needs.

Today, there is a huge of percentage of people who are doing online jobs. Instead of using the Personal Computer or PC, they are much preferring in using laptops because they can bring their work everywhere with it. There is some online task, such as video editing that needs more enhanced features. There would be a hard time doing it when you are using an ordinary laptop. It needs a specification that has a higher RAM or memory card and other upgraded specification for the convenience of the work.

Most guys today are addicted to the computer games where they spend most of their time doing it. Even numbers of girls are also spending most of their time in gaming. There are so many kinds of addicting games online today. There are also laptops this year that are designed best for gaming and they are called the power laptops. The percentage of market sales of this gaming laptops increases than the previous years. There are graphics cards by NVIDIA that are really good for this gaming thing.

The NVIDIA are the one who provides the best graphic cards for laptops in this recent time. Today, they created their latest graphic card design that provides a higher quality of graphics and video effects. It is the GeForce GTX 800M series where higher quality of spectacular 3D is found. This kind of graphic card has a very advanced performance and improved quality. This has an ultra thin feature and very powerful for gaming.

The battery on this laptop has a life that is really long lasting because it has a two times longer lasting than an ordinary laptop battery. The GeForce also has previous features of laptops that are also good for gaming. It has a different series of gaming laptop which has the best in the market these days. You can check via online the other features of GeForce series. This product series of NVIDIA is really becoming more popular in the field of gaming.